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We want the next generation of students to feel like Queens and Kings when they graduate.

Instead of depressed,
this is how the next generation of students will look like:

Clear understanding
of own career goals

Feeling of self-worth

Sufficient experience to make
educated career decisions


In todays world, career platforms create noise and fuel Fear of Missing out. 81% of college students are experiencing significant levels of anxiety.
21% experience lifelong symptoms of major depressive disorder.

The Solution

Not a job platform, a career management tool.
Just a few, carefully picked opportunities per week. Higher acceptance rates, better fits. A digital full-time career consultant. For free.

Based on empirical research

This field study by Qingxiong Derek Weng and James C. Mcelroy reveals the driving factors of Job decision effectiveness.

Everything about you – in one place.

Don’t let anyone fall through the cracks. Capture students' attention and get them to sign up to your society right away (no app required).

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Students sign up on their web browser and you can keep track on your dashboard

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Societies are at the center of career success.

The cool thing about societies is that they offer what we call "tiny career opportunities". Workshops, Events, Career Lunches etc. Investing less time per opportunity enables you to consider a broader spectrum of possible careers, before you focus on one.

are incentivised to give amazing experiences.

Think about Airbnb. Hosts are ranked higher if they provide great guest experiences. Think about Recruiting platforms. Companies are ranked according to their HR Marketing budget. We take Airbnb's intuitive concept to the recruiting space.

Built for students,
by students

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