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The customer experience optimization company.

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Today’s customer journey is complex. We help companies optimize it every step of the way. AB Tasty is the platform for customer experience optimization, with features like experimentation, personalization, and product optimization to streamline your users along the buyer journey. Whether your KPI is a fast conversion, a subscription, or frequency of use, our platform is built to optimize every digital touchpoint from paid landing page to mobile checkout. Our backend does the heavy lifting, with components like advanced data collection, industry-leading statistical models, and machine learning. Our interface, on the other hand, is built for ease-of-use and optimized around the inimitable input of human creativity to let you deploy winning experiences—fast. AB Tasty is a global provider of customer experience optimization software, with 10 offices around the world and more than 240 employees. Current customers include Ashley Furniture, Kiehl's, Sephora, USA Today, YSL Beauty, and over 900 others.