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Assured Guaranty is the leading provider of financial guaranty insurance. We guarantee timely payment of scheduled principal and interest when due on municipal, public infrastructure and structured financings. Issuers use our financial guarantees to lower their cost of funds, broaden distribution and diversify funding sources. For more than three decades, our insurance subsidiaries have helped to lower the cost of borrowing for municipalities and other issuers across the United States by guaranteeing a wide range of tax-exempt and taxable, investment-grade, municipal bonds that are supported by either tax revenues or revenues from essential public projects or services. From schools to clean water, from transportation projects to hospitals and more, we help municipalities build sustainable public infrastructure and better serve their residents, including their underserved and at-risk communities. We are also active in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and other developed countries, where we guarantee public-private partnership, local authority and regulated utility financings. In structured finance, globally, we guarantee asset securitizations and craft custom applications of our guarantees to assist our institutional clients in managing their portfolio risk and capital. For investors, our value proposition includes not only the security of our unconditional, irrevocable guaranty but also our experienced credit selection, underwriting and surveillance. Our business model has proven its resilience through multiple business cycles, and we have demonstrated our commitment to maintaining the financial strength to protect our policyholders for the life of their insured investments. In addition, our subsidiary Assured Investment Management LLC provides alternative investment management and advisory services to institutional and other qualified investors through our investment arm and offers a variety of credit-focused strategies and structured finance solutions.