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Mission & purpose

Blink UX is a user experience (UX) research and design company that specializes in helping businesses create intuitive and user-friendly digital products and services. They provide expertise in UX research, strategy, and design, conducting user studies, usability testing, and prototyping to optimise the user experience. Blink UX's ultimate mission is to improve the way people interact with technology by advocating for user-centered design principles. Their purpose is to ensure that digital products and services are intuitive, accessible, and enjoyable for users, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Blink UX aims to empower businesses to create meaningful and impactful user experiences that align with their customers' needs, enhancing brand reputation and driving business success.


Medical, dental, & vision

Healthy Blinkers are happy Blinkers. We cover 100% of the premiums for employees' medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Paid time off

We know creative brains need rest and adventure. That's why we offer robust PTO to encourage employees to recharge and stay inspired

Parental leave

Beyond decorating onesies to celebrate Blink babies, we offer 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave for expecting parents and a culture that puts family life first.

Working from home

We offer a generous work-from-home policy and flexible hours to help our employees do their best work.


We offer a three-month sabbatical to Blinkers after five years of employment. Traveling, volunteering, and exploring new hobbies are a few of the ways our employees have enjoyed their time off.