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Brennan Center for Justice

Brennan Center for Justice

New York, NY

We are a nonpartisan law and policy institute that seeks to improve our systems of democracy and justice.

New York, NY


The Brennan Center for Justice is a non-partisan law and policy institute that focuses on improving systems of democracy and justice. They conduct research, advocacy, and litigation to protect voting rights, ensure fair representation, and promote justice reform. Their aim is to strengthen democracy, advance equal justice, and safeguard the fundamental freedoms that underpin the United States' democratic system. By addressing pressing issues through innovative solutions, the Brennan Center seeks to create a fairer, more inclusive, and more equitable society.


  • Drive Visionary Goals through a Pragmatic Approach

    We strive to reform our systems of democracy and justice by delivering clear-minded and independent analysis. We earn trust in our professional expertise through rigorous research and a focus on facts. Realizing durable change takes time, so we always keep in mind the long-term impact of our initiatives. We set achievable goals with tangible outcomes, and reach them through practical, solutions-driven methods.

  • Promote Openness & Accessibility

    We produce our best outcomes by leveraging diverse experiences and perspectives. We foster an internal culture that is equitable and rooted in dignity and respect. Historically marginalized communities suffer most from the problems we seek to solve, and colleagues that reflect those communities enrich our work. We welcome all staff and external contributors at the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, age, ability, religion, and socioeconomic status. By exercising multidisciplinary thinking, we aim to generate ideas that are accessible and relevant to our teams and the broader multiethnic American public.

  • Nurture Growth & Excellence

    We foster a spirit of curiosity and inquiry, adapting to new information, taking ambitious risks, and learning new skills that will develop us professionally and personally. We exercise creativity and innovation in alignment with our mission, constantly advancing both the organization and ourselves.

  • Cultivate Meaningful Teamwork & Collaboration

    Collaboration and teamwork are essential to growing and sustaining our development. We strive to build trusting bonds through mutual accountability and communication that is inclusive and transparent. We reinforce these bonds with unwavering kindness, humility, flexibility, and empathy across all teams. We make decisions through a balance of thoughtful feedback, respectful candor, and careful consideration of all points of view.