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BRKV is a private investment group, specializing in the development of small businesses and new concepts. We are on a constant search for opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurial, young professionals who can turn ideas into profitable business models. Our portfolio ranges from properties and building materials to technology and fashion. We avoid unnecessary complexity, bureaucracy and corporate jargon. Instead, we focus on results and deliver them through operations using only strictly necessary resources and low overheads. We never back down from a challenge and work exclusively with people who have the discipline and mentality to put in as many hours as it takes to succeed. We take calculated risks and do what is necessary to excel. We act within mere hours and will never pass on a great opportunity. At BRKV we execute ideas right away to adapt, capture and take advantage of market trends. We try to stay ahead of the curve, making sure when the market moves, we move with it. We quickly adapt to new environments and challenges; constantly discovering new and better ways to develop and operate. We are always solution-oriented and where others see problems, we see opportunities. Our team consists of individuals from over a dozen different nations with multi-lingual capabilities. Due to our eclectic mix of people, we are able to move as swiftly in international markets as in our own backyard. With every new culture we encounter, new challenges arise – but we enjoy a good challenge. We explore all industries on our hunt for the next big thing.