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Mission & purpose

A Hybrid Workplace - a typical 5 day week will be split between 2 days working from home and 3 days in the office. We are part of Ayesa a global technology and engineering company. We offer cutting-edge technological services in the field of engineering, consultancy and IT systems, providing solutions to its clients all over the globe. In today's world, people dream of infrastructures, facilities, equipment, food, water, energy, public management, health, justice, education, safety, communications, leisure, real-time, a smart planet and all the achievements of a developed society. Ayesa provides knowledge in the form of cutting-edge technological services, to make the dreams of human beings anywhere in the world come true. AYESA implements IT systems to manage public finance, health, education and justice; plans the routes of high-speed railways; delineates the wings aircraft; develops chemical, oil and mining facilities; remotely controls prisons; designs apps for tablets; and designs, supervises and computerises state-of-the-art transport, irrigation, supply and purification solutions, all in pursuit of a better and fairer world. Ayesa is a technological first consultancy firm where engineering and technology are blended seamlessly to provide solutions that are future-forward, sustainable and market-leading. We offer flexible hours and Hybrid Working for our employees Since 1966, with numerous success and emblematic projects; presence in more than thirty countries spanning over the five continents; an extensive, young and dynamic team; an image of trustworthiness, independence, full of rigour and responsibility; extensive references from clients happy with its services; and great prestige, Ayesa is, within its own right, one of the world's benchmark engineering companies.