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Joyful holiday journeys by train, boat and bus, savouring slower travel. Local, sustainable and 100% flight free.

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Mission & purpose

Byway is a travel company that offers curated and sustainable adventure holidays in the UK. Their ultimate mission is to provide travellers with unique and enriching experiences, taking them off the beaten path to discover hidden gems and natural wonders while minimising their impact on the environment. Byway's purpose is to create memorable journeys that connect people with nature, culture, and local communities, promoting responsible and eco-friendly travel practices. Through their bespoke itineraries and expert guidance, they aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the UK's landscapes and support the preservation of its natural heritage for future generations.

Culture & values

Love the journey

Making slow travel mainstream is a journey we approach with the optimism and openness needed to learn and grow. We enjoy ourselves, celebrate where we are and we strive to do better. We know sustainability is a journey. We advocate for collective, not individual, impact.

Trust and be trusted

Trust in each other is the foundation of our team. We share insights widely, are grounded in openness, and welcome peer reviews. We trust (but verify), We are trustworthy, We are trusted experts.

Mainstream means everyone

We listen to, respect, amplify and support all stakeholders. Our product is for everyone. Byway is for everyone. We value and actively hire for diversity and empathy. We do not accept discrimination, hate or harassment. We respect local contexts and listen to and uplift expert and local insights.


Hybrid remote

Two days in London per month, the rest is remote from wherever you like

Flexible hours

80 hours per two weeks whenever as long as you’re able to fulfill commitments

In-person fun

Monthly socials, annual away day and annual weekend away

Discounted holidays

Trade discounts and personal travel planning for your annual holiday