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Mission & purpose

Colas Rail UK is a leading railway infrastructure company that specializes in providing a wide range of services to the rail industry. Their core activities include track construction, maintenance, and renewal, as well as electrification and signalling projects. Their ultimate mission is to deliver safe, reliable, and efficient railway systems that meet the needs of their customers and contribute to the overall improvement of the UK's rail network. Their purpose is to enhance the capacity, performance, and sustainability of railways, ensuring the smooth and seamless movement of passengers and freight, while also prioritising safety and environmental responsibility. Through their expertise and innovation, Colas Rail UK plays a crucial role in supporting the growth and development of the UK's rail infrastructure.

Culture & values


Caring is a fundamental value of our corporate culture. Whether it is self-care, care for employees, care for our customers and partners or care for the environment and society – from the very essence of our activity – we are driven by the same duty of exemplary and benevolence. Therefore, acting ethically and preserving the safety of those who accompany us will always remain our priority.


We are convinced that the pooling of talents and resources in all their diversity, teamwork and cross-disciplinary bridges are a source of progress and new ideas.


We dare to take on responsibilities with a committed international leader who gives everyone a chance, we are one of the international leaders in our industry. That’s true. But what really matters is why we will keep on being a leader, we are a strong and structured company. We keep on innovating in our businesses and dare to conquer new territories and market segments, we trust everyone dares, regardless of where they come from, by quickly allowing them to take on responsibilities on large-scale projects.