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For >60 years we have been developing new and sustainable engineering solutions designed to enhance the world around us.

Liverpool, England







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Curtins is a leading consulting company that specialises in civil and structural engineering, as well as transport planning and infrastructure development. Their core mission is to provide exceptional engineering consultancy services to shape a sustainable and resilient built environment. Curtins' purpose revolves around delivering innovative and practical solutions to complex engineering challenges, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of infrastructure projects. They work across various sectors, including construction, transportation, and environmental planning, contributing to the development of infrastructure that meets the highest standards of safety, sustainability, and functionality. With a focus on collaboration and expertise, Curtins plays a pivotal role in the advancement of engineering solutions in the UK.


Employee Owned Trust

THe voice of our people drive our future and they get to benefit from the fruits of their efforts

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Curtins Fest, Gettogethers, Parties and waling weekends

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Four holiday lodges free to use

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7% from us, 3% from you