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The D. E. Shaw group is trusted by investors across the world to manage their assets by seeking the optimal balance of risk and reward. While we’re known as a pioneer in quantitative investing, we also have considerable expertise in areas that involve fundamental analysis or portfolio manager discretion. We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools to uncover independent, hard-to-find sources of return across global public and private markets.

Founded in 1988 over a small bookstore in downtown New York City, the D. E. Shaw group began with six employees and $28 million in capital and quickly became a pioneer in computational finance. In the early days of exposed pipes and extension cords, tripping on a cable could take out our whole trading system. Today, the firm has more than 1,900 people around the globe and an institutional-grade (and trip-proof) infrastructure, but we still value creativity, entrepreneurship, and the spirit of discovery.

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