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We provide high-performance computing and big data solutions to the global technology and resource sectors.

West Perth, Western Australia








Mission & purpose

DUG is an ASX-listed technology company, headquartered in Australia, that specialises in analytical software development, big-data services and reliable, green, high-performance computing (HPC). DUG is built on a strong foundation of applied science and a history of converting research into practical, real-world solutions. DUG delivers innovative software products and cost-effective, cloud-based HPC as a service backed by bespoke support for technology onboarding. DUG’s expertise in algorithm development and code optimisation enables clients to leverage big data and solve complex problems. DUG delivers a comprehensive geoscience offering backed by over two decades of experience and a focus on R&D. DUG maximises the value of seismic data with customised services, software and HPC solutions enabled by innovative technology—including Multi-parameter FWI Imaging. DUG is a global company with offices in Perth, London, Houston and Kuala Lumpur, supporting a diverse industrial client-base that includes radio-astronomy, biomedicine and meteorology, as well as the resource, government and education sectors. DUG designs, owns, and operates a network of some of the largest and greenest supercomputers on Earth. The company continues to invest and innovate at the forefront of software and HPC, working towards a climate-positive future.