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GÉANT is the leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for research and education.

Amsterdam, North Holland







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Mission & purpose

GÉANT is an organisation that operates the pan-European data network dedicated to research and education. Their primary goal is to provide high-speed and secure network connectivity, services, and collaboration tools to the research and education community across Europe and beyond. GÉANT facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among academic and research institutions, enabling the exchange of knowledge, data, and resources. The organisation plays a crucial role in supporting scientific advancements, innovation, and international cooperation within the academic and research landscape. For further details, it is recommended to explore the company's official communication channels.

Culture & values


As a group of individuals, we are driven by a feeling of community: we need each other to live, to work, to laugh, to succeed. I am because we are. We are because I am. A community does not exist without individuals, and individuals do not thrive without community.


Everything we do is built on trust. When we speak to each other, when we communicate with our community, when we build new services – we trust in each other’s reasons, knowledge, and experience.


We add value by innovating for the benefit of our community and society at large. Whether this is a new service, a fresh way of working, or a new campaign idea – the approach is consistent: we try to continually improve by innovating everywhere.


So often we see our people going the extra mile, time after time. Why do they do this? It is because they believe so strongly in what we are doing and are driven by the high levels of commitment they see in others, throughout the community. Together, we drive each other.