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We believe there should be no geographical boundaries to work. So we make equipping your remote teams incredibly easy 💻

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The idea of the workplace is expanding beyond the office walls. Which means, for the first time, the world’s talent is liberated from the limits of location. So companies can explore further afield to find the right people. And people can discover the right place to work, wherever they may be. There’s a new land of opportunity, and it’s anywhere. But if virtually anyone can work from virtually anywhere, then competition for the best and brightest becomes fiercer than ever. Attracting and retaining world-class talent requires organisations to offer a world-class experience that will meet them exactly where they are. From day one. And that can be hard to deliver. Welcome to Hofy. We exist to equip the world’s talent with the means to do their best work. That’s why we’ve built a platform from scratch that does exactly that. Enabling any organisation to deliver the tools and experience their people need, straight to their doorstep, desktop or next destination. Our curated storefront enables your people to browse, select and order the dream kit for their dream role. In minutes, not hours. Whether it’s a specced up Mac, a supersized monitor or a slick new chair. It’ll be signed, sealed and delivered. In days, not weeks. So they’ll be set up for success in no time at all. With always-on support, onsite warranty and anywhere collection. Hofy cuts the clicks, kills the complexity and brings clarity to the chaos. Whether you’re building remotely or growing globally; Setting up a new team, spinning up an outpost or onboarding overseas. Hofy delivers the convenience you want, the compliance you need and the experience your people deserve.