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HS2 (High Speed Two) Ltd

HS2 is critical for the UK’s low-carbon transport future, providing rail capacity, and helping rebalance the economy.

Birmingham, West Midlands







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Mission & purpose

HS2 (High-Speed Two) is a company responsible for the development and construction of the HS2 railway network in the United Kingdom. The ultimate mission of HS2 is to create a high-speed railway infrastructure that connects major cities, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds, facilitating faster and more efficient transportation across the country. HS2's purpose is to address capacity issues on existing rail lines, boost economic growth, and improve connectivity between regions. The company aims to provide a sustainable and modern transportation solution, reducing travel times and supporting the long-term development of the UK's transportation network.

Culture & values


Acting fairly, transparently and consistently. That means using the powers we’ve been given wisely; acknowledging the impact of the HS2 programme; and doing the right thing, even in difficult circumstances.


Using innovation and challenging to lead by example. That means making the most of the unique opportunity HS2 offers; having clear direction to deliver excellence; and setting new standards for mega-projects.


Understanding others, recognising their value and behaving accordingly. That means listening and being open-minded; explaining decisions clearly; working flexibly; and appreciating the impact of our actions.


Caring for our workforce, passengers and the public by creating an environment where no one gets hurt. That means making safety our first consideration and speaking up and intervening if something is unsafe.