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Performance analysis for sports at every level.

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Mission & purpose

Hudl is a company that offers sports performance analysis and coaching software. They provide tools and platforms to athletes, teams, and coaches for video analysis, performance statistics, and tactical insights. Hudl's ultimate mission is to empower sports professionals with technology-driven solutions that help them improve performance, make data-driven decisions, and enhance overall team success. Their purpose revolves around providing accessible and innovative sports technology, enabling athletes and coaches to develop their skills, identify strengths and weaknesses, and drive continuous improvement in their respective sports.

Culture & values

Play to Win

If it's worth doing, it's worth being the best. We stay focused on our long-term goals, take big swings and aren't afraid to fail.

Win Together

We're people first, coworkers second. We take care of each other. We default to trust and always assume positive intent.

Thrive on the Front Lines

We build empathy for customers and each other by rolling up our sleeves and jumping in to help.

We Listen

We're humble and curious. We seek out diverse perspectives and new approaches. We listen to truly understand, not just to reply.

Respectfully Blunt

Feedback can be hard, but it's how we grow. We're clear, constructive and don't leave things unsaid.