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High Voltage Partial Discharge Ltd. (HVPD) are experts in the field of Online Partial Discharge (PD) testing and monitoring of Medium Voltage and High Voltage electrical equipment, which can be performed on power cables, switchgear, transformers, motors and generators operating at 3.3 kV and above. Our Partial Discharge PD test and monitoring systems help end users and operators to keep their production operations up and running, by providing the best early warning indicator of electrical insulation deterioration in medium and high voltage (MV/HV) networks. The implementation of PD monitoring technology enables operators to improve plant efficiency, safety and reliability by minimising unplanned downtime and avoiding catastrophic failures. Whether implemented at project start-up or end-of life extension, we support critical networks throughout the asset lifecycle to reduce consequence of failure. Our Head Office, Manufacturing and Training Facility is based in Manchester and hosts a 100 kV Faraday Cage facility. As an international organisation we support our global customer with offices in Texas USA, Dalian China, UAE Middle East and Perth Western Australia as well as an extensive network of international channel partners.