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Mission & purpose

InEvent is a technology company that specializes in providing comprehensive event management solutions. Their platform offers a range of tools and features designed to streamline the planning, execution, and analysis for conducting B2B events, video-driven conferences, or any virtual or hybrid experiences. From registration and ticketing to networking and engagement, InEvent's mission is to empower event organisers with intuitive and customisable solutions that enhance attendee experiences and drive event success.

Culture & values

Disagree and Commit

We should always work for what is right and not just for what is easy. One should debate, offer new ideas and promote growth. We should voice our feedback if we believe something should be changed. The outcome we finally commit to must embolden the vision set by the company and its leadership.

Prevent and Adjust

We shouldn't just correct, we must also actively prevent. We must think of possibilities of failure and correct them before it even happens. We must act vigorously to resolve or improve it. More important than to err is knowing how to correct our mistakes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Urgency Matters

We will always have a deadline to solve a problem; especially during the events. Delivering later is indifferent and irrelevant. We must solve problems with clear deadlines, even if it means to compromise.

WOW Moment

The service to our client must be incredible. We have to go one step further to make your experience unique. We should help even when we do not have the right product, perhaps by indicating other suppliers. A satisfied customer is the best recommendation we can have.


We can decide when or where we want to work. We are free to make our decisions and make our choices. We must use our freedom to find new solutions within our limited resources, always taking responsibility for our decisions.

Be Responsible

We must assume our mistakes and honor our responsibilities. The fault is never from 'the other'. Be mature and know that if the project was flawed, the fault is entirely ours, regardless of external factors. We must have a continuous sense of urgency to deliver results and act on schedule.

Keep Learning

We should always be looking for new knowledge, evolving our processes and pursuing more intelligent form factors. We should always be willing to learn something new, accept challenges and develop new skills.

Own it!

Everyone wins together, just as everyone sinks with the boat. All members are entitled to vesting. We need to be leaders, thinking through a long term marathon but running a 100m race. Leaders never say 'this is not my job'.

Together as One

We should help our colleagues. We need to offer and not just ask. We need to create long-term relationships with our co-workers. We know that when you win, everyone wins


Our organization must be transparent and policy-free: there are no secrets, there are only results. There is no ego in our company. We are open to performance improvements or praise from colleagues.