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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Infosys is a multinational corporation that provides information technology (IT) consulting and services. The company's primary focus is on digital transformation, business process management, and consulting for clients across various industries. Infosys aims to help organisations navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of technology by providing innovative solutions, software development, and IT services. Their ultimate mission is to empower businesses to thrive in the digital age through cutting-edge technology solutions. Infosys plays a crucial role in enabling its clients to achieve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive in the global market.


  • Client Value

    To surpass client expectations consistently with our hunger and boldness

  • Leadership by Example

    To act on our conviction that ordinary people can be inspired and mentored to do extraordinary things

  • Integrity and Transparency

    To be ethical, sincere and open in all our transactions

  • Fairness

    To be objective, empathetic and caring in our transactions

  • Excellence

    To strive relentlessly, constantly learn, improve ourselves, our teams, and services to become the best