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KAL is a global software company operating at the forefront of the ATM industry. Our product suite of applications, management servers and platforms enables ATM hardware, software and services from multiple vendors to work together perfectly. Our range of services ensure that our clients can seamlessly integrate our products into their companies on time and within budget. Our product support is second to none and is unrivalled by our competitors. KAL allows our clients to adopt a best-of-breed strategy which enables them to: • Reduce costs • Increase functionality • Enhance customer experience At the heart of our solutions is Kalignite, a comprehensive ATM software platform built upon industry standards. Kalignite provides the tools and components necessary for all aspects of an ATM client application. It is tightly integrated with all the major hardware manufacturers whilst capable of communicating via numerous host protocols, with complete support for the leading monitoring and software download systems. Kalignite is also available for Bank Branch Systems. By allowing banks to standardize their customer touch-point strategy under a single software umbrella, the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced, both in terms of initial purchase and long-term maintenance and support.