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Decades of expertise providing innovative metal joining solutions to connect the world around us.

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Lucas Milhaupt is a global leader and one of the most prolific suppliers in the brazing industry. Since 1942, Lucas Milhaupt has leveraged its deep material science proficiency to produce innovative metal joining solutions that enhance process efficiencies, improve quality, and promote safety for all our valued customers. Our unparalleled product portfolio also means we're the one stop shop for all your brazing needs. Lucas Milhaupt’s vertically integrated structure ensures complete process control from cast to fabrication. This means supply chain and quality risk mitigation, bringing you the product when you need it with the quality you deserve. INDUSTRIES SERVED: HVAC/R Automotive Contractor Electrical Aerospace Medical Cutting & Mining Microelectronics HOW WE DO IT: We strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers, and that starts with taking the time to understand your business and your needs. Our technical expertise empowers our cutting edge braze solutions, whether that’s a new product or in-depth process improvement. No one in the industry can match our knowledge, our passion, and our drive to be the best technical support in the business. WHY IT WORKS: We’re known in the industry for being technically savvy and customer focused. While providing quality brazing solutions is priority, making sure our customer understands how it applies to their business is just as important. For this reason, our team is made up of technical experts that work directly with our customers from start to finish. And our best-in-class sales support is always available at a moment’s notice to provide quotes and other valuable business insights