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We are a premier corporate strategy firm with the experience and track record of helping CEOs and their leadership teams achieve winning performance and build stronger organizations. Marakon has been working with business leaders for more than 30 years. Our teams combine deep sector experience and functional knowledge. Led by our Directors who are “on the ground”, we have helped our clients to create the strategies and capabilities to outperform the competition. Marakon’s approach is underpinned by value creation as the common denominator for decision making; a rigorous process based on a deep set of facts; and the assessment of alternative strategies as a mechanism to build leadership team commitment to the best path forward. Helping our clients raise the level of ambition, create clarity on the best strategic direction and path for getting there, and put in place the culture, standards and accountabilities for making it happen is what we do. As a result, we have built a reputation for providing productive challenge and working with a client portfolio that has consistently outperformed its peers.