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Mission & purpose

McCormick Corporation is a global leader in the flavour and seasoning industry. They manufacture, market, and distribute a wide range of spices, herbs, condiments, and flavourings for both consumer and industrial markets. McCormick's ultimate mission is to bring the joy of flavour to people's lives, enhancing the taste of food and beverages worldwide. Their purpose lies in creating and delivering high-quality, innovative, and flavourful products that inspire chefs, home cooks, and food enthusiasts to create delicious and memorable culinary experiences. With a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, McCormick aims to support the food industry, drive culinary excellence, and enrich the lives of consumers by celebrating the diverse and delectable world of flavours and aromas.

Culture & values

Passion For Flavor

Flavor is the heart of everything we do. Flavor expertise and insights that propel the food industry. Inspiring great tasting healthy choices.

Power Of People

Unwavering commitment to our people-first high-performance culture. Respect and value every person. Enbody 2-for-1 spirit.

Taste you Trust

Relentless focus on quality from source to table. Unmatched track record in safety and integrity. Transparency in what we do, make and say

Driven to Innovate

Continuous reinvention of our businesses. Innovation is everyone's responsibility. Leading the pursuit of what's next in flavor.

Purpose-led Performance

Deliver industry-leading financial performance. Responsibility to the long-term vitality of people, communities and planet. Do what's right.