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Mission & purpose

Orbis Investments is an investment management company that provides a range of investment strategies and solutions to institutional and individual investors. They offer a diverse set of investment products, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and separately managed accounts, with a focus on global equity and fixed-income markets. Orbis Investments' ultimate mission is to generate long-term, sustainable investment returns for their clients by adhering to a value-oriented and contrarian investment approach. Their purpose lies in serving their clients' financial goals and needs by diligently researching and selecting undervalued securities, aiming to outperform benchmarks and deliver consistent, risk-adjusted returns over the long run. Through a disciplined and patient investment philosophy, Orbis Investments seeks to be a trusted partner for their clients, helping them preserve and grow their wealth in an ever-changing financial landscape.

Culture & values

Earn The Trust and Confidence of Our Clients

Our clients come first; always. Not only is it the right thing to do but it is best for our clients and best for us in the long term. If we do what is best for clients, we will earn their trust, and if we excel at what we do, their confidence. If we earn our clients' trust and confidence, our services will be sought out rather than need to be sold, allowing us to provide better value for money. If we act accordingly and create client awareness, they will have a more rewarding experience with us and entrust us with their savings and investments. If we don't, they won't and the firm will die, as it should.

Excel In All That We Do

To excel is the best way for us to earn our clients' trust and confidence. It is also inherently gratifying. While not always succeeding, we continually strive for excellence in servicing our clients effectively and efficiently. Producing an excellent investment track record is critical, but not nearly enough. Clients' trust and confidence is engendered by the totality of their experience with us including how we communicate and conduct ourselves, even how we answer the phone. If we demonstrate excellence in such areas, clients can more easily generate and sustain the confidence to invest with us, particularly through the trough of our investment performance cycle when they have the most to gain.​

Foster a Purposeful and FulfillingWork Environment

We seek to provide a working environment that appeals to those who excel. Most people who excel have a sense of purpose, take initiative and pursue excellence with a passion. They seek responsibility, authority and accountability for their actions. They thrive in an environment that offers stimulation, innovation, challenge, hard work, the ability to earn opportunity and reward commensurate with performance, as well as the satisfaction that comes from belonging to a firm that demands and achieves excellence. Our work environment causes most of those who excel and share our values to stay and most of those who leave to be happy they joined in the first place.

Recruit and Reward Based on Value Creation For Client

We strive to recruit and reward based on both past and demonstrable future potential value creation for clients. We hire people who have exceptional but often unproven potential. We offer them extraordinary opportunity and reward them commensurately with their performance. Value is created for clients in many ways. Every member of the firm is aware of how they create value for clients and each member's performance drives their reward, including by affording them authority and responsibility that plays to their strengths. Ideas are judged based on merit and merit alone irrespective of seniority or tenure. Favouritism and politics should not be tolerated.​

Take a Long-term Perspective

Always think long term. Do what is in the best long-term interests of clients, even when in conflict with short- or medium-term expedience, growth or profitability. Invest to produce the best long-term results and offer products and services that are best for clients, even if in conflict with what they currently desire. Carefully considered decisions made with a long-term perspective are more enduring, reducing time spent fixing past mistakes and freeing us to make better decisions in future. ​

Act Responsibly

Each of us has responsibilities to our clients, the firm, our colleagues and ourselves, and the firm has responsibilities to its people and the societies in which it operates. We are mindful of the responsibilities we have as individuals and on behalf of the firm and how they are changing. We are all ambassadors of Orbis and we must conduct ourselves accordingly. We act in fulfilment of our responsibilities, consistent with our Core Values and the priorities set out therein. We are each individually responsible for holding each other and the firm accountable.​