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Pangea Bio is a biotechnology company dedicated to advancing research and development in the field of genomics and personalised medicine. Specialising in DNA sequencing and molecular diagnostics, Pangea Bio offers innovative solutions to healthcare providers, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies seeking to unlock the potential of genomic data in diagnosis, treatment, and drug discovery. With a focus on precision, reliability, and scalability, Pangea Bio's technology and services enable clients to gain insights into genetic variations, disease mechanisms, and therapeutic targets.

Culture & values


We take the path less travelled so we can accelerate drug discovery and development, and improve health outcomes for patients. ‍We use first principles thinking, solving problems by breaking them down and asking fundamental questions. We are curious and pragmatic.


We are kind and inclusive. We promote continuous development in our team and embrace flexible working. We celebrate our diversity. ‍We care for the communities that inspire and partner with us, and share our success with them.


We win and lose as a team. Every voice counts and respectful challenge is welcome. Responsible advancement beats perfection.