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We help people apply the advice of the world’s leading self-development authors to their lives. We’re working with many fabulous authors including Daniel Goleman, Adam Grant, Dan Pink, Johann Hari, Julia Samuel and many others. We transform their advice into action based self-development apps to create real change. Our founder previously helped set up Headspace as the first employee and Head of Research and we have support from advisors from Headspace, Masterclass & Audible as well as influential authors like Adam Grant. There’s never been more interest in self help & development with companies like Calm, Headspace & Masterclass all being valued at $1B+ to meet this need. Our mission is to measurably help people 100m times in the next 5 years. We’ve already launched 3 successful apps based on books into the market. They are individual courses tackling Grief, Anxiety and Self-Compassion that will eventually be integrated into the platform itself. Our Grief app was recently featured as App of the Day on the Apple App Store and all of our apps have racked up 100’s of positive reviews from users that love them. Next year, we aim to launch the self-development platform, with even more courses and brand new tools from world-leading authors covering a broad range of topics, that will take us one step closer to achieving our mission.