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Mission & purpose

SCOR, one of the world's largest reinsurers, provides its clients with a diversified and innovative range of solutions to control and manage risk. Using its experience and expertise, “The Art & Science of Risk”, SCOR provides cutting-edge financial solutions, analytics tools and services in all areas related to risk – in Life & Health as well as in P&C. The reinsurance industry is about combining technical expertise and experience with the developments of science. However many tools we use to conduct our activities (models, databases, pricing tools, reserving tools, and so on), we also need expert judgments and human experience to correctly underwrite. This is what we call the art of underwriting. Reinsurance is a knowledge industry. Expertise is an accumulation variable. The most advanced tool will never replace the intuition of a seasoned underwriter facing a complex risk. Because at the end of the day, you have to make a decision, to sign, to underwrite. And what we have underwritten, we cannot overwrite - our word is our bond, as is our signature. This dimension of our business, linked to the art of underwriting, is more important than some observers would have people believe. One way to acquire this art is to share experiences – both good and bad – and to share doubts and questions. Artists always belong to a school, from which they learn their craft. Like artists, we have to learn, imitate, mimic, and then innovate, in order to find our own style and create our own distinctive work.

Culture & values


Technological innovation is a driver of change. SCOR’s continuing investment in understanding and modeling risk helps to push back the frontiers of insurability, from the customer experience to product development.


Excellence is SCOR’s language, spoken in our offices and with clients across the world. It inspires trust and fosters a culture that embraces problem-solving and innovative thinking.


Teamwork, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are at the foundation of SCOR’s recognized client service, enabling us to deliver tailored risk solutions in more than 160 countries.


The Group pays close attention to creating and maintaining the conditions necessary for a collaborative working environment among diverse nationalities, age groups and cultures. SCOR’s employees represent 65 nationalities and are as diverse as they are talented.


Protecting the environment and contributing to the resilience of society are integral parts of SCOR’s identity and culture. In an increasingly risk-filled and uncertain world, the reinsurance industry has a leading role to play in underpinning sustainable and responsible development.


SCOR acts with honesty, integrity and transparency in all matters to ensure that we are accountable for our actions. We strive to meet the highest standards in all that we do, building trust among our clients, employees, shareholders, and regulators.