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The widest range of testing, inspection & compliance services in the UK to support every step of the Asset Life Cycle.

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Real Estate & Construction


Mission & purpose

SOCOTEC is a prominent UK-based company specialising in testing, inspection, and certification services across various industries. Their expertise lies in ensuring the safety, quality, and compliance of infrastructure, buildings, and environmental factors. By employing advanced technologies and highly skilled professionals, SOCOTEC strives to deliver accurate and reliable results, thereby contributing to the overall integrity and reliability of projects. With a commitment to excellence, the company plays a vital role in supporting the success of construction, energy, and environmental initiatives by providing comprehensive testing and inspection services tailored to meet the specific needs and standards of their clients.

Culture & values

Commitment & Excellence

Lead by example. "Commitment" emphasizes our employees’ pledge to uphold standards in their everyday work, to go the extra mile for clients in minimizing risk, to cooperate with and support colleagues, and act responsibly to build a safer world. "Excellence" reflects our constant quest to improve our skills and knowledge, anticipating future needs so we are always at the forefront of our profession.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Taking risks with an entrepreneurial spirit: agile and reliable. We’re always striving for improvement. And by teaming up across disciplines and combining our energies, we open up new possibilities, developing innovative solutions that make for differentiation and added value. We challenge our clients to go faster and further so they have the power to future-proof their business.

Accountability & Social Responsibility

Being on the solution side: risk management, green evolution, growing urbanization, sustainability. Accountability is a pledge of quality for our clients and a guarantee that our solutions are designed for the long term. Coupled with social responsibility, it conveys our collective mission and how each of us is pledged to safeguard people’s safety, within the company and society.