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Splash Damage

Splash Damage

Bromley, Kent

Working on Transformers: Reactivate and Project Astrid.

Bromley, Kent

Splash Damage is a renowned video game development studio known for creating immersive and innovative multiplayer experiences. Their ultimate mission is to push the boundaries of gaming by delivering high-quality, engaging titles that resonate with players worldwide. The company's purpose centres on fostering a creative and collaborative environment, bringing together talented individuals to craft cutting-edge games that entertain, challenge, and captivate audiences. With a focus on multiplayer gaming, Splash Damage strives to elevate the gaming industry, offering unique and memorable experiences that connect players in virtual worlds.


  • We Trust in Each Other

    We trust each other to give candid and constructive feedback and strive to take on new perspectives and ideas.

  • We Find Solutions

    We’re highly adaptable, tackling problems head-on and course correcting when new challenges arise.

  • We Put Them First

    We put the team ahead of our own immediate needs. We know that in an aligned team we’ll always outperform the sum of our parts.

  • We always Learn, We always Improve

    We're dedicated to unlocking our potential through a constant focus on learning, self-improvement and knowledge-sharing.

  • We decide and deliver

    We’re empowered to make decisions and hold each other accountable, with the autonomy to prioritise what needs to be done and when.


  • 4-Day Working Week

    We work together Tuesday - Friday, giving our people Monday back. We believe that having a day to recharge and refresh means our talented people can be more creative and build even better games.

  • Flexitime

    Early bird or late riser? Our core hours mean you can flex your start and end times around your life.

  • Studio Events

    Our social calendar has Halloween, Christmas, Easter and summer parties, and smaller events throughout the year like tabletop gaming days.

  • Performance Related Pay

    As well as our our already-competitive salaries, everyone’s enrolled in our PRP scheme: a discretionary yearly bonus based on your own objectives and achievements.

  • Learning & Development

    Turbocharge your career with our custom Learning & Development platform, internal promotions, regular reviews and incredible people to learn from.

  • Maternity & Paternity Leave

    You’ll get industry-leading 30 weeks fully-paid maternity leave, or 10 weeks of fully-paid paternity leave that you can take at any point during your child’s first year.

  • Pension Contributions

    If eligible, you’ll be enrolled into our pension scheme with matched contributions.

  • Health & Dental Cover

    Our private health and dental cover is available to everyone from day one, and can even be extended to cover partners and children. This includes access to a digital GP service and a Health Cash Plan which helps cover everyday healthcare costs like prescriptions or new glasses, and medical insurance excesses.

  • Fitness Allowance

    Gyms aren’t for everyone, so instead we’ll give you £75 per month towards your choice of fitness membership, whether that’s rock climbing, golf, online yoga, or even a Peloton!