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We are a global consultancy working across cities, infrastructure & transport, helping people, places & economies thrive








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Mission & purpose

Steer is a UK-based company that operates in the field of transportation and urban planning. They provide consulting services related to transportation infrastructure, sustainable mobility solutions, and urban development. With expertise in areas such as traffic management, public transport, and smart city planning, Steer plays a vital role in shaping efficient and sustainable urban environments. Their focus is on creating innovative solutions that enhance transportation systems, reduce congestion, and contribute to the overall well-being of communities. For specific details about their services and projects, it's recommended to refer directly to the company's official materials.

Culture & values

We are bold

In an ever-changing world, we have always been a company that evaluates the current situation and is unafraid to make bold decisions. We are continuously challenging ourselves and always learning.

We are global

Our teams are made up of people from across the globe. We embrace diverse cultures and experiences, thriving on these differences. It enables us to share local knowledge on an international scale.

We are open

There is a culture of approachability at Steer; you can talk to anyone, anywhere. We prosper by building relationships and are always interested in hearing each other’s ideas and opinions.

We are unique

We are a mix of experts, specialists and generalists and every single person shapes who we are. At Steer, you can really ‘be yourself’, while we create openness and opportunity to allow you to be the best you can.

We are inclusive

Our role in helping people, places and economies thrive means that we take our social and cultural responsibilities seriously and that they form an important part of our culture and values.

We love what we do

Above all else, we are passionate about our work. We have a tangible sense of pride in the work we deliver, which drives us all to make a difference. A difference that helps people, places and economies thrive.