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Tempo believes that work should be an adventure and recruitment the most exciting thing companies do.

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Mission & purpose

Tempo is on a mission to transform the hiring experience. For good. When we started Tempo we were amazed that such an important process worked so badly. Companies have to choose between a volume-based approach that overwhelms hiring teams and forces them to put in arbitrary measures of “quality” to whittle down the number of applications, or pay huge fees whilst losing complete control of the candidate experience. Jobseekers struggle to get feedback or transparency on their application, they feel treated like a number and find the process clunky, demoralising and even soul destroying. They know they need to send out a very high number of applications to get a response so that’s what they do, making the problem worse. We don’t accept such a poor experience in any other setting. Why is it the norm for something as important as hiring and job hunting? We're building a platform that delivers the hiring experience people deserve. Something fast, transparent and human. We live our mission when we hire, looking to make the experience human and enjoyable whatever the outcome. We offer an exciting environment to build a career, with employees achieving promotions on average 9.5 months after probation.

Culture & values

There's no I in Tempo

Our success comes from our team. We’re talented as individuals but really impressive when we come together, supporting, enabling, and being good colleagues to each other.

Stay Humble

No one has done what we’re trying to do before and has all the answers – so ego doesn’t have a place here. Our environment is a safe place to ask questions and learn without being self-conscious.

Keep It Human

We make the effort to really see and know each other, and create an environment where everyone belongs. We care about being flexible and well-being because our lives don’t just happen at work.

Be Bold

Changing hearts and minds to achieve our mission takes passion and conviction. We embrace the challenge confidently, understand the change we want to make, and inspire others.

Embrace Growth

We love potential and giving people opportunities to grow. We’re curious learners who won’t always get it right but see learning as the ultimate goal. We keep a growth mindset and see obstacles, feedback and mistakes as chances to develop.

Trust Each Other

We’re accountable, take ownership and do what we say we will. We don’t want to be told how to do our jobs. This enables trust and us supporting and empowering in a flat-feeling hierarchy – not us tightly “managing” others.