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Mission & purpose

Born in 2019, we are a pan-European company with a global presence. We've built a fast-paced, energetic, and innovative environment, always aiming to put our customers first. We build tools to unlock hassle-free payments, better business management, new and returning customers, all on fair terms. Our all-in-one offering is designed to simplify the everyday and unlock growth potential, to free them from the stuff that takes the joy out of doing business. Join us in building the technology solution that businesses deserve.

Culture & values

The customer defines our purpose

Our customers work tirelessly to give us products and experiences which improve our communities and society as a whole. They’re the reason for our existence and drive us forward every day. We make sure they’re at the forefront of the decisions we make, we dedicate time to listening and building connections with them, and their problems are ours.


We care deeply about our customers, as well as each other. For Teya, ‘care’ means being empathetic to each other and putting the needs of others before ourselves. It means that we’re respectful, honest, and focused on bringing out the best in all of us. We invest time in teaching and are open to new learning experiences so we can grow together.

Say it as it is

We believe that honesty leads to better communication, stronger relationships, and greater results for our customers. We avoid sugar-coating things, we’re transparent with each other, and humble enough to admit when we don’t have the answer.

Ask Why

We want to understand problems deeply, and we believe the best way to achieve this is by getting back to the root assumptions that drive decisions. Asking ‘why’ is an important tool to help us challenge old processes that no longer serve our customers, and we’re never afraid of breaking things to build something better.

Challenge until youre convinced

We want to leverage the power of diverse opinions and perspectives across the business to get to the best outcomes. We encourage challenge to decisions which impact our customers, and understand that this only works when supported by the right context, care, and respect.

Entrepreneurs at heart

At Teya, we’re shared owners of our vision and we take responsibility for delivery against it, no matter what role or region we might represent. As entrepreneurs, we expect difficult challenges and embrace them. We have a bias for taking action and delivering measurable results over empty promises or pretty presentations.


To deliver value for more customers, we need technology to be at the heart of how we solve problems. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a software developer or a frontline agent, we use technology to improve every process. We believe every manual task is an opportunity for automation, and we encourage everyone in the business to live this mindset.

Be a team player

We know we’re only going to be successful if we work together. We take time to study our own flaws to complement them with the strengths of other Teyans. There’s no room for office politics or competing egos, as ultimately our customers deserve better from us. High-performing teams at Teya come from different backgrounds with different context, but with deep levels of trust and respect for each other.

Winning mindset

We benchmark ourselves against the highest standards, and make the choice to go above and beyond. This sometimes means we fail to deliver on our short term goals, but the learnings we take fuel progress against our ultimate vision. We value a growth mindset, and it’s our desire to do better and do more for our customers that keeps us going.