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A place to find good quality, good looking, good for the planet vintage furniture.






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Mission & purpose

Vinterior is a vintage furniture marketplace with over 1,850 vintage sellers from over 30 countries and counting. As the new home of vintage, we want to be the place where you discover sellers, find one-of-a-kind pieces, and shop more sustainably. We offer over 25 styles, including Mid-Century, Art Deco, Mid Century, Scandinavian Modern, Shabby Chic, Bauhaus, Industrial, Boho, Rustic, British, French, Italian and Chinese Antiques. Vinterior launched in 2016 with 12 London dealers and 200 mid-century furniture pieces. In five years, we have grown to a community of 1,800 vintage sellers across Europe which has generated over $600 million in sales worldwide. 200,000 products across 97 furniture and homeware categories and 25 styles are now available on Vinterior, to the delight of our vintage fans. After growing 120% in 2020, we have become the leading vintage marketplace in the UK. We have just raised a $10m series A to accelerate growth and expand to new markets in order to become the European leader by 2023.

Culture & values

Think Big

With an ‘everything is possible’ mindset, we challenge the status quo and consider how things can be 10x faster, simpler, bigger. We move quickly. We don’t settle. Here to smash expectations, our ambition is unlimited.

Keep Learning

We believe in the power of why. Forever curious, we welcome views different from our own. We share our learnings to empower others knowing that a culture of continuous growth will help us win.

Show Grit

We give our all to deliver. With resilience. With focus. With spirit. Overcoming obstacles and confronting adversity helps us evolve and makes us stronger. We make mistakes. We get back up and go again. With hard work and persistence, we turn our ideas into reality.

Embrace Transparency

We are transparent about our actions and opinions, and value the truth over being right. We offer opinions; we disagree, discuss and decide to foster an open environment where challenge is welcomed and ideas can flourish.

One Team

We are one team. Every single person has something critical to contribute towards our mission. We show kindness and respect for one another. Our diversity is our strength and together we can do more, make more, and be more.

Show Customers the Love

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Designing for them. Delivering for them. Delighting them. We are committed to hearing their views, acting with empathy, and building trust. Our community of buyers and sellers is what drives us.

Champion Sustainability

We think critically about consumption and communicate fearlessly to demonstrate our mission to build a better future by championing pre-owned for a more sustainable world. We are building a business that is good for people and good for the planet.