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Magnetize London's most engaged Talents.

Target, engage, hire - from Freshers to Grads. Your All-in-One graduate recruitment solution.

Working with leading companies, universities and student associations

Buy basketball courts instead of job ads.
… did we really just say that?


With job ads, you only get what you pay for. More money leads to more visibility. In this game, hidden champions can’t compete with the big fish.

The Solution

Huzzle levels the playing field. We rank companies based on the actual experience they offer candidates, and not on money spent on job ads.

1 Monthly Subscription

No Ad Boosters

No Special Placements

No Native Banners

Get fewer applications,
but better ones.

Huzzle’s applicant-to-hire ratio is 80% lower than the industry average. Spend less time on 100 OK applications and more on 20 great ones.

Turn your employees into Talent Evangelists

With Huzzle, your whole organisation engages in talent acquisition.

How it works

Employees can act as ambassadors and engage with students along their journey, from freshers' week to graduation.

So when they come to you they will already know how you work – speeding up onboarding, boosting loyalty and making them more productive more quickly.

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