An introduction to cosmic inflation

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• Starts Jul 13, 6:00PM

An introduction to cosmic inflation

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Jul 13, 6:00PM - Jul 13, 7:30PM




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For years, there has been a broad consensus in the cosmology community that the 'hot big bang' was the central point in the history of the Universe. But the question remains, what came before the big bang?

Join astronomer David Mulryne as he delves into the limitations of our current thinking and sheds light on the questions that remain unanswered. According to the hot big bang model, the Universe began with an infinite density of matter, an 'initial singularity' from which time is measured. This means that we only have direct evidence of what happened from when the Universe was a second or so old, and the events prior are still a mystery.

Using the very latest findings and insights from the field of cosmology, David explores the concept of time and asks whether it even makes sense, considering the Universe's origin.


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