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Jan 4, 2023

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Creating bridges, houses and buildings, architects bring structure to our lives. Thanks to their contributions, cities get painted with colors and new forms. Both aesthetic and original, their creations are true works of arts. In addition, they also have the power to transform our surroundings, to make them harmonious while preserving nature. It’s a heavy responsibility that has the ability to improve living conditions for all of humanity. In an era of sustainable development and energy preservation, the theme of the first modern art Olympiads is more relevant than ever for these artistic builders.


● You may choose any human habitat or natural environment for your conceptual design.

● No signature or creator information should be included in the work.

Note for work submission:

● No more than 6 electronic drawings (format type: JPG: JPG/PNG, resolution: 300 dpi, maximum size of single drawing : 20MB), A1 size (841mm*594mm), with horizontal layout are required for the final work.

● Drawing information is recommended to include but not limited to the following: general layout (site plan), plane figure, elevation and section of the building, overall aerial(bird’s-eye) view, rendering, etc.

● Please describe the originality and innovation of the project, as well as descriptive words such as related materials and processes required for implementation.

● Please submit other supplementary files (videos should not exceed 2 minutes each).

● Please submit the 3D model. The recommended scale is 1/200.

● The final award-winning work will be displayed with exhibition boards with models or video animations.



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