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• Starts Monday, Jun 24

Dark Energy: Einstein’s biggest “Blunder”?

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Monday, Jun 246:00PM

Register before Jun 24
Register before Jun 24

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Jun 24, 6:00PM - Jun 24, 7:30PM




  • Join world-leading scientist Ofer Lahav as he revels the extraordinary narrative of the Dark Energy Survey (DES), an ambitious experiment designed to unravel the mysteries of the force shaping our universe. Discover what the 3D map spanning 300 million galaxies and extensive supernovae has so far revealed, including its confirmation of the prevailing model of cold dark matter and a remarkably accurate cosmological constant. 
  • But this remarkable survey doesn’t just advance our scientific understanding – Ofer will shed light on the human dimension of this project, sharing anecdotes of the long-term commitment and collaboration of the hundreds of scientists involved and the resilience they’ve shown in overcoming challenges along the way.
  • Join Ofer to explore the global nature of scientific progress, where teamwork and perseverance shape groundbreaking discoveries. The DES not only helps to reveal the mysteries of dark energy but also highlights the collective dedication and collaborative spirit that fuels scientific exploration.  
  • Theatre audience: £16/£10, Ri Members or Ri Patrons: £7


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