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• Starts Friday, May 24

Discourse: Beyond the perception envelope with Conrad Shawcross

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Friday, May 246:20PM

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Register before May 24

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May 24, 6:20PM - May 24, 7:45PM




  • This Discourse will be an evening of exploration of the interconnectivity between art and science, as both process and practice – and how humanity's insatiable curiosity fuels the development of both fields. Over the three-decade practice of British artist Conrad Shawcross, he has dedicated himself to delving into the intricate depths of human perception, employing a nuanced fusion of geometry, philosophy, and optics.
  • Conrad's sculptural works have interrupted and complimented public and institutional spaces worldwide – including a 14-metre-long spiral cast in aluminium at the Oxford Science Park (Fraction (9:8)) and the transformation of the Roundhouse in 2013 into a vast timekeeping device. You might recognise one of his works, Paradigm, a geometric statue outside the Francis Crick Institute – a piece triggered by Thomas Kuhn’s theory of the ‘paradigm shift’.
  • His oeuvre, veiled in the enigmatic elegance of rational systems, serves as a testament to his relentless exploration of the boundless realms of cognition. With an array of complex experiments, Shawcross boldly challenges the very fabric of our fragile reality. He explores the intersection between art and science that highlights the interconnectivity between the two subjects in a way that few individuals are able in such a powerful way.
  • In this Discourse, Conrad will unveil a mesmerising array of live mechanical contrivances and devices sourced from his most recent body of work. As he navigates through the labyrinthine passages of his artistic evolution, Conrad meticulously traces his trajectory across numerous series, each a poignant exploration of the limits of our perceptual faculties. With a keen focus on the elusive boundaries of human comprehension, he brings clarity to the intricate tapestry of ideas and concepts that transcend the confines of visceral understanding.
  • The evening will prove to be a unique experience, with the opportunity to explore scientific concepts and ideas through an artistic lens.
  • Theatre audience: £20/£15; Ri Members and Ri Patrons: Free, Livestream audience: 'pay-what-you-can'.


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