Exoplanets: Finding Earth 2.0

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• Starts Jul 20, 6:00PM

Exoplanets: Finding Earth 2.0

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Jul 20, 6:00PM - Jul 20, 7:30PM




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Although there is much to learn about our own solar system, it seems there's even more to discover outside of it.

Exoplanets are the planets outside of our solar system, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, orbits and densities. Over 5000 of them have already been discovered, but experts hypothesise that there may be billions in total, many of which may be habitable should we ever need an Earth 2.0.

Join professor of astronomy and mathematics Richard Nelson who explores these weird and wonderful astral phenomena. With the James Webb Space Telescope expected to reveal not only more exoplanets but further insight into their conditions and potential for extraterrestrial life, there couldn't be a better time to take this fascinating journey through the Universe, and on to the outer limits of our knowledge.


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