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• Starts Saturday, May 25

Exploring ancient ecosystems through time

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Saturday, May 256:00PM

Register before May 25
Register before May 25

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May 25, 6:00PM - May 25, 7:30PM




  • Step into ancient landscapes with award-winning palaeobiologist Thomas Halliday as he guides us through a captivating series of immersive explorations.
  • In this talk, you’ll Immerse yourself in a series of ancient landscapes, from the mammoth steppe of Ice Age Alaska to the lush rainforests of Eocene Antarctica adorned with colonies of giant penguins and the moonlit terrain of Ediacaran Australia.
  • Traverse the birthplace of humanity as Thomas unveils the Earth's extraordinary history. Experience the roaring cascade of the highest waterfall ever known, witness life's resurgence post-asteroid impact, and observe the dawn of the mammal age.
  • By exploring the fossil records of our ancient world, we'll delve into the minutiae of nature's interconnections. Thomas will intricately weave science and storytelling, building a vibrant picture of our past – whether it's the hue of a beetle's shell, the rhythmic flight of the pterosaur or the lingering scent of sulphur in the air.
  • Join us on an ancient odyssey from the comfort of our Theatre, where the details of our Earth's past will come to life like never before. You'll come away with a greater appreciation of Earth’s past and an enriched understanding of the rich tapestry of the fossil record that informs this knowledge.
  • Theatre audience: £16/£10, Ri Members or Ri Patrons: £7


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