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• Starts Saturday, Jun 15

How games shape our reality

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Saturday, Jun 156:00PM

Register before Jun 15
Register before Jun 15

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Jun 15, 6:00PM - Jun 15, 7:30PM




  • Join neuroscientist and physicist Kelly Clancy as she delves into our unrelenting fascination with games. Beyond mere entertainment, games serve as dynamic tools for learning about the world, understanding the intricacies of our minds, and even forecasting the future. But these insights beg the question: what happens when games blur the line between fiction and reality?
  • Kelly will trace the evolution of games since the Enlightenment, traversing diverse realms such as military theory, biology, AI, neuroscience and the evolving landscape of democracy.
  • From the influence of war games on the outcomes of actual conflicts in nineteenth and twentieth-century Europe to the transformative impact of game theory on our understanding of human behaviour, games have left an indelible mark. Discover their profound effects on all aspects of our society, from technology to economics and politics.
  • Theatre audience: £16/£10, Ri Members or Ri Patrons: £7


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