How to expect the unexpected

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• Starts Jul 6, 6:00PM

How to expect the unexpected

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Jul 6, 6:00PM - Jul 6, 7:30PM




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Ever since the dawn of human civilisation, we have been trying to make predictions about what the future holds. We do this on a personal level, so that we can get on with our lives efficiently. We also predict on a much larger scale, often for the good of our broader society, such as planning for economic downturns or preventing terrorist attacks.

Join Kit Yates as he explores how, for just as long as we've been making predictions, we've also been getting them wrong. From religious oracles to weather forecasters, the foibles of our own biology can let us down when it comes to making rational inferences about the world around us. Yet in understanding how and why predictions go wrong, lies the answer to getting our own predictions correct.

Copies of Kit's latest book 'How to Expect the Unexpected: The Science of Making Predictions and the Art of Knowing When Not To', will be available to purchase after the talk.


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