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• Starts Saturday, Jun 08

How women drove evolution

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Saturday, Jun 086:00PM

Register before Jun 8
Register before Jun 8

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Jun 8, 6:00PM - Jun 8, 7:30PM




  • Join researcher and author Cat Bohannon as she tackles long-overlooked questions concerning the evolutionary purpose of sexism. From the role of wet nurses in driving civilisation to challenging stereotypes about women as the weaker sex, Cat will take us back through the past 200 million years to unravel the scientific framework behind the female sex and the need to correct a disproportional focus on the male body.
  • Cat will present her research findings, from the impact of C-sections on women's pelvic shape to unexpected parallels between pus and breast milk, and how these revelations have radically changed our understanding of evolution and the success of our species. From the use of tools to city building and language development, She will challenge preconceptions and call for a re-evaluation of the factors that have contributed to the dominance of Homo sapiens. 
  • Join us on a compelling journey through scientific revelations that revolutionise our perspective on evolution and the critical role of the female body in our species' success.


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