Improve your Public Speaking Skills

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• Starts Jul 6, 3:00PM

Improve your Public Speaking Skills


2mo ago

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Jul 6, 3:00PM - Jul 6, 3:45PM


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Chartered Accountants need to not only understand the information given to them, but they need to be able to communicate it in a way that’s easy to understand and influence decisions in the workplace.

Whether you’re presenting yourself in an interview, demonstrating your ideas to your employer or communicating your vision of your own company, presentation skills are far more than delivering a PowerPoint presentation.

Although this session is interactive, don’t worry, you won’t be expected to present or do any public speaking. Instead, we will share with you some handy tips that will give you the edge in the workplace and help further your career.

Join us in this skill session and discover:

- Why presentation skills are essential in the workplace

- Handy tips on how you can improve your presentation skills

- How to demonstrate to employers you have great presentation skills

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