Intro to Modeling and Simulation with Simulink

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• Starts Jul 26, 5:00PM

Intro to Modeling and Simulation with Simulink


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Jul 26, 5:00PM - Jul 26, 6:00PM


Academia & Research


Data Science


  • In this session you will learn the basics of Simulink for modeling, simulating, and analyzing multi-domain dynamic systems. You will see how to build models using Simulink’s block diagramming interface and block libraries, design control algorithms, and run both component-level and system-level simulations.


  • Introduction to Simulink and Model-Based Design
  • Modeling and simulating a DC Motor with electric and mechanical features
  • Designing and simulating a closed loop PID control algorithm for the DC Motor
  • Viewing and analyzing simulation results
  • Running and visualizing system-level simulations with a package delivery drone powered by DC motors
  • How to get started with Simulink
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