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• Starts Monday, Jun 17

Is maths real?

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Monday, Jun 176:00PM

Register before Jun 17
Register before Jun 17

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Jun 17, 6:00PM - Jun 17, 7:30PM




  • Join Ri favourite Eugenia Cheng as she transforms our traditional understanding of maths, presenting it not as a succession of rigid rules, but as a vibrant, living discipline.
  • From the purpose of algebra, the dynamic interplay of odd and even numbers, and why -(-1) equals 1, Eugenia unravels intricate questions with intelligence and passion. Complex concepts become accessible anecdotes, showcasing how unconventional sources offer profound insights, while we are encouraged to view mathematics as a dynamic part of our understanding of the world.
  • As Eugenia delves into the foundations of mathematical thought, she uncovers the inherent beauty and elegance of the discipline, celebrating the genuine curiosity that drives mathematical inquiry. Uncover the connections between mathematical principles and our reality and gain an even deeper appreciation for the subject and its dynamic part in our understanding of our world.
  • Theatre audience: £16/£10, Ri Members or Ri Patrons: £7



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