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Jewelry Competition


Jan 4

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Humans have always used body ornaments. The oldest jewelry is dated to around 75,000 years old and was made from raw materials such as shells, bones, wood etc. Jewelry today can be created in all possible materials and can be classified as jewelry when made from precious stones. This type of craft has developed considerably due to the new raw materials available. It is now very widespread in the world.


  • Electronic devices can be used to assist in design and creation.
  • Your work must be wearable jewelry, with no restriction on process or materials.

Note for work submission:

  • The definition of your work can include headwear, neckwear, earrings, hand accessories and other different items of the same theme.
  • Please provide three photographs from 3 different angles (format type :JPG, maximum size of single photograph: 5MB).
  • Please describe the originality and innovation of the project, as well as descriptive words such as related materials and processes required for implementation.
  • Please submit other supplementary files (videos should not exceed 2 minutes each).
  • The final on-site exhibition will feature the original work.
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