New Media Art Competition

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New Media Art Competition


Jan 4

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New Media Art is a new art discipline with optical media and electronic media as the basic. The category of new media art has the certainty of “keeping pace with the times”. At present, it mainly refers to the works of art that use the latest scientific and technological achievements such as video, computer, network and digital technology as the creation media. The relationship between new media art with science and technology is particularly close. In the early exploration, the art form paid special attention to the communication between works and audiences, and emphasized the process of art occurrence. In today’s commercial society where new media is popular, we look forward to your innovative performance in the field of new media and hope that your innovation and skills will be the highlight of Olymp ‘Arts.


  • No signature or creator information should be included in the work.
  • The title and necessary descriptions of your art work should be in English.

Note for work submission:

  • You should submit a video file to demonstrate your work.
  • Format type : MOV, AVI or MPEG4.
  • Maximum length of the work: 15 minutes,
  • You can either upload in the official website or send it via Google Drive/Baidu Drive.
  • If you upload it in the official website, the size of the file must not exceed 1GB. Please use H.264 general compression code.
  • Please also submit 3 images of your work (format type: JPG, maximum size: 5MB, resolution: 300dpi) for promotion.
  • Please submit a text to describe the feature of the work, the installation it requires and how you would like it to be put in exhibition.
  • Please submit other supplementary files.
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