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• Starts Saturday, Apr 13

Solving the secret of gravity

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Saturday, Apr 136:00PM

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Apr 13, 6:00PM - Apr 13, 7:30PM


  • Claudia de Rham has been playing with gravity her entire life. As a diver, experimenting with her body’s buoyancy in the Indian Ocean. As a pilot, soaring over Canadian waterfalls on dark mornings before beginning her daily scientific research. As an astronaut candidate, dreaming of the experience of flying free from Earth’s pull. And as a physicist, discovering new sides to gravity’s irresistible personality by exploring the limits of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. 
  • Join Claudia as she narrates her captivating experiences, navigating the collapse of her dream of becoming an astronaut to the pursuit of finally uncovering the truths of gravity. The brightest minds in physics, from Newton and Einstein to Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, have yet to uncover gravity’s secrets, but their knowledge allowed Claudia to reimagine the theory of massive gravity to finally rid the “ghosts” of gravity – dark energy. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a world leader in theoretical physics, as she unravels the turbulent tales of her success. 
  • Theatre audience: £16/£10, Ri Members or Ri Patrons: £7


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