The ethics of space exploration

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• Starts Aug 10, 6:00PM

The ethics of space exploration

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Aug 10, 6:00PM - Aug 10, 7:30PM


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Join renowned astrophysicist, Erika Nesvold as she explores the ethical considerations of space settlement, delving into the complex issues surrounding the prospect of life in outer space.

Having conducted research at NASA and with a background in ethics, sociology, history, and law, Erika brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective to this critical topic. From the environment to labour rights and medical ethics, discover the importance of a global conversation on these issues as we move towards a future of multi-planetary habitation.

As space settlement becomes an increasingly pressing reality, Erika challenges us to consider not only the scientific and technological aspects of such a venture, but also the ethical implications. Join us for this important and thought-provoking lecture, as we hear from one of the leading voices in the field of space ethics.


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